Clinic Diabetes


Estimated time required: 15 minute
  1. Ask participant how they are progressing with the (DPP).
  2. Do they have any questions on the following: Pre-Diabetes, (KVLED), Eating Plan, Food & Beverages List, Food Diary, Exercise Diary or Physical Activity.
  3. Use  (Frequently Asked Questions) resource to help answer most common questions.
  4. Record any questions that are not covered in the KVLED FAQ in the Free Text Box.
  5. Check that participants have been completing their Food and Exercise Diaries via their apps.
  6. Assess participants body weight and composition (Tanita DC-430 or Tanita MC-780).
  7. Measure waist circumference (Seca 201).
  8. Record results of 6 and 7 in Participant Measurement Fields.
  9. Briefly discuss progress.
  10. Book DPP Session 4 within the next week.